audioBoo Boosted By Stephen Fry: Is It The New Twitter?

audioBoo, the iPhone audio blogging service, has a famous new member, Stephen Fry, dropping sound-bites into the ever-expanding blogosphere.  Is he going to make it a new blogging phenomenon, in parallel with his famous support of Twitter?

Fry is one of Britain’s biggest Twitter advocates – and his immense popularity means that he is currently has 500,000 followers – but more recently he has also been using the iPhone application audioBoo to chart his day to day travels and experiences in an audio format.

audioBoo is an application that was launched in March 2009.  It lets the user record short messages (called ‘Boos’, with 3 minute recording limits) on his or her iPhone and subsequently post them online, through the audioBoo application, for others to hear. It’s fast, it’s fun, and Fry is backing it.

Can the spoken word beat Twitter for ease of use and convenience?

One can certainly fit more than 140 characters into a short voice clip, but the audioBoo application only works on iPhones, limiting its functionality and availability for use away from a computer for many. 

It is also perhaps sometimes unsuitable to talk out loud – the written word is silent and private (well, private between oneself to the whole world wide web…).

Like Twitter however, Boos are embeddable in websites (and links to individual boos can be created and posted on facilities such as Twitter) and one can subscribe to users’ Boo feed through iTunes.  One can even add the location of Boos via the iPhone’s GPS system.

But the real appeal of audioBoo over Twitter for Stephen Fry?

“For one thing I’ve come out without my reading glasses”.

Expect audioBoo to become the next web phenomenon amongst the shortsighted soon.


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